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Розничная торговля в торгово-развлекательном центре Керуен и Хан Шатыр. Численность сотрудников составляет 11 человек. ТОО специализируется на учебных материалах и развивающих игрушках. Сотрудники проходят обучающие тренинги .

f you like the way your child plays, learns and never get boring ....then we    "Global Toys"   are waiting for you to show how many interesting toys we have for your dear child.

 When children watch interactive TV programs, read or play - they discover the world around themselves. That’s why it is important for every parent carefully approach the choice of TV programs, books and toys.

 Our company provides wooden toys with high quality, which meets international standards (EN 71 European standard, ASTM-F963 USA toy safety standard). All our goods are environmentally friendly, made from rubber wood, nontoxic and water-based paints and varnishes.

 Global Toys" is ready to cooperate with nurseries, preschools, schools, hotels and play areas.